Underground Teen Center

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The Problem

The community of Winooski, Vermont is one of cultural riches with economic poverty. The youth in their teenage years are particularly vulnerable as a result of their poor living conditions and lack of opportunities. In addition, there is a huge diversity in Winooski as a result of the large refugee population. Amidst the white state state of Vermont are hundreds of refugees from all over the world who contribute the the Winooski community in whatever way they can with the resources available.

Plan of Action

The Underground Teen Center concept was created by a group of high school students who wanted to create a place where they could be themselves that the community was not already providing. The original space was donated by the local community, but the Underground Teen Center is now located in the O'Brien Community Center in the heart of the city. Over 100 teens come through the center on a regular basis, utilizing every resource we make available - be it the games and internet, or the moral, social, and academic support provided by myself and the other center supervisor.

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