Official Project

The Problem

This idea could help any community. Many kids have problems at home. Sometimes it comes to the point where they want to run away, feel unsafe, and don't know what to do. They can become vulnerable to predators or abusive relationships. Because they are still young, they may not know where to turn. They need a place to go in case this ever happens.

Plan of Action

First of all, after gathering a small commitee of supporters, I would spend as long as it takes (even years) fundraising. After we had obtained enough money, we would open our first center, most likely in Brigeport, CT. After we had had that center going successfully for about a year, and money enough for another, we would open a second one, hopefully in or near New York City. If this happens, we definately have multiple supporters, so we would move around the country, putting at least one center in each state and more if necessary. After the U.S. was filled with these centers, (if possible) we would move these centers on to countries currently in crucial condition, such as Uganda because of it's civil war. After many many generations supporting this program, (possibly after I am already gone), we would have spread our centers all over the globe, taking the message of saftey and security to our youth with us.

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