Music Educational Training for Latino Children

Official Project

The Problem

Children come from immig families. schools cut back on music education (statistic). Latinos not in classical music field very few in San Diego (statistic). Students not going to college in Music (statistic). Need to improve the child's belief that it is possible.

Plan of Action

program running every weekday, practice with gospel songs, have concert performances--also helps with funding the program. Bring in local teachers to help students with techniques. buy tickets for students to go to a child's concert. Expose children to music universitties, buy students staff paper, make them a work book buy them an understandable music book, introduce them to instruments. We have made progress, students continue to come b/c they want to, they stay after to play with a single piano, most haven't even touched a piano and are intrigued by its sounds. Want to learn, burning desire, need the fuel to start. we will make it easy for parents to bring them provide them with snacks

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