Domestic Violence in the Hmong Community

Official Project

The Problem

The Hmong community has always been a patriarchal culture, with strict rules and guidelines for each gender to follow. Socially created gender roles are a key player in how domestic violence is treated within the community. In September of 2008, the Wausau Area Hmong Association sent a DVD to all Hmong families in the Wausau area; this DVD discussed the issue of domestic violence. However, the target audience was towards the older generation (30 years +). We feel that the topic of domestic violence should be addressed with the younger population (high school +). At first, we wanted to create another DVD to target the younger population. However, because of time constraints, we are opting to hold a one-day conference to discuss domestic violence and traditional gender roles within the Hmong community.

Plan of Action

III. Means and Methods We want to contact a representative from the Hmong community to discuss domestic violence. Because we are targeting a younger crowd, we feel that perhaps Mao Khang of the Women’s Community would be an appropriate guest/keynote speaker. Last, we hope to end the conference with an open panel of men and women, discussing issues that affect the Hmong community. Listed below are some names of women in the Hmong community we will be contacting to see if they would like to take part: Bao Vang, News anchor, Newschannel 7 Paokee Xiong, Teacher, Wausau School District Mang Thao, Teacher, Wausau School District Lada Xiong, Fashion Designer, Ethan Allen Furniture We also feel that having men on the panel would be beneficial. Listed below are the names of those we will be contacting: Cheng Lee, Student, former MRC director, UW-Marathon County Noah Her, Student, UW-Marathon County Peter Xiong, Paraprofessional, Wausau School District Houa Vang, Board of Directors, Wausau Area Hmong Association Listed below is a preliminary schedule of the day's events: 1:00 Welcome/Opening remarks 1:20 Movie - domestic violence 1:45 Keynote speaker 2:45 Break 3:00 Panelist/Open Forum 4:00 Closing Remarks - Distribution and collection of surveys IV. Schedule November 14th is when we want the Student Union resevered for December 6th or the 13th. Contact Kris Mccaslin and Sarah for reserving the theatre. November 20th contacting the guest speakers and panels and to start advertisment at Wausau East and West. December 2nd recontact the guest speaker/panels to finalize details and note on the number of high school students coming. *December 6th presentation starts if December 13 is not an option for theatre. December 11th questions and survey due if on the 13th or if the presentation is on the 6th then the questions are due on the 4th. December 13th presentation starts @ 1pm to 4pm connections to women's studies Domestic Violence has been a huge part of the women's right movement (Seneca Falls Convention), it violates many of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Law. Some connections towards women studies that our project will go through would be the gender roles in the Hmong community and the struggles of power between the men and women. We will also be doing some activities from women studies and have the students participate in. Some activities that we are looking to do would be the tomboy and sissy activity and the family structure activity.

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