GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)

Official Project

The Problem

I love finding ways to make people feel welcome, included, or accepted. When I was still in high school, gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals were not accepted there, nor did they feel that way. I was continually seeing how they were mistreated everyday for nothing more than feelings they could hardly control. I started a group on campus called The Gay Straight Alliance. The purpose of this group was not to promote their choices in any way, but to promote tolerance. This group included gay, lesbian, bisexual, and straight individuals who shared the same ideas on tolerance in the world. Not only did “GSA” provide an environment where gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals could feel accepted, but it also brought a new concept into the eyes of our peers. It made the bullies of our school realize that we are all people. We go through the same hardships, the same joys, and the same tears. It suddenly did not matter who was gay or straight, but mattered simply that we share space in this world and must accept each other.

Plan of Action

First, I had to get a group together with the same thoughts and ideas that I had. This turned out to be be an easy task. Soon, I had a group of about ten individuals who were willing to help in any way that they could. At my high school, in order to establish any sort of club on campus, we were required to have a supervisor and write a constitution. We approached a teacher who was more than willing to help and together, we sat down and wrote a constitution that established our purpose as a group. I genuinely love the thought that I may have helped our gay, lesbian, and bisexual friends through their high school years. Although I know it is too much to hope that I helped everyone that walked into GSA looking for acceptance, I know that I made a difference in the lives of a few. And that alone is enough for me.

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