Adopt an animal

Official Project

The Problem

It seems to be that small rural towns are the hot animal drop-off spots for people who don't want to take care of their pets anymore. Dogs and cats of all ages get dropped off on busy roads, in boxes without food or water, or pretty much anywhere that's convenient for the person. Sometimes these animals come from wonderful homes where they were loved and taken care of, but for some reason had to be given up. These animals can go through depression so severe that they won't eat, become violent towards other animals, and want to die. In some situations animals are so badly beaten, deglected, or malnurissed to near death.

Plan of Action

At shelters we groom animals, walk animals, change out litter/food/water bowls, clean beds, comb animals, and spend time giving them the love and attention they need. We have gotten in touch with several pounds and animal adoption agencies in our local community. We've set dates to volunteer to help in any ways needed. Our impact includes keeping animals alive and reduces the ammounts of strays, road kill, and animal cruelty situations in our town. We allow people to adopt animals into their families and have the opportunity for joy and companionship.

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