Canned Food Drive

Official Project

The Problem

The canned food drive that I participated in directly helped my own community, the community of Eureka, MO. Our community consists of mostly middle-class to upper-class citizens however, some sections of "old-town" Eureka have been neglected and the inhabitants there have felt the pressure and negligence of not only this neglect but also the increasingly relevant economic crisis in our country. The poverty here has been addressed but not nearly to the extent that it should have been. I am trying very hard to solve the poverty issue in these parts of my community.

Plan of Action

I began collecting cans for our canned food drive a month or so before hand. I canvassed neighborhoods in my community and outside of it and asked for money donations and canned food and boxed item donations to contribute to the pool. I also worked at our local grocery stores, spreading the word and asking people to donate cans and money to our class, so that we could purchase extra cans to bring in. Thirdly, I worked every morning in the commons, checking in cans and counting can and point totals for the students and grades. It was a lot of fun, but its also a lot of hard work. But it's all worth it. I hope that I made a big impact on the canned food drive. I know that my contributions helped a lot and reached out to numerous others. Also, the time I spent volunteering in the morning helped our StuCo officers and sponsors by relieving pressure and getting things done.

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