Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Official Project

The Problem

We realize that there are so many people in the world who simply do not have a voice: whether they are the homeless on the streets of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, poverty stricken children in rural Ecuador, or the nomadic Masai tribe in Northern Tanzania. We aim to promote cross-cultural understanding, provide hope for the hopeless, and inspire the world through the people in the aforementioned three diverse communities.

Plan of Action

As UNC-Chapel Hill students we live in close proximity with those who live on the streets of Chapel Hill. Throughout the year we will try and record musical performances that some of these homeless people will create. This idea came about by thinking how we could create a program that would both aim to raise money to fight poverty worldwide and promote cross-cultural understanding. Right now this is an idea and we are looking for the funding and resources needed to make this dream a reality. Myself and a friend will be traveling to rural Ecuador (where I lived for a year after graduating high school in 2007) and we will be recording musical performances of Ecuadorians. We will also be living with the Masai tribe in Tanzania for 8 weeks and will also be recording musical performances.

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