Music For Health

Official Project

The Problem

When I was an adolescent teen, my grandmother was diagnosed and treated with lung cancer, but not before it metastisized to her brain and she slowly began to lose her strength, and mentality. My family could no longer take care of her as effectively as she needed, and so she was admitted to our local nursing home. The nurses and fellow patients treated her as a friend and family and kept her happy to the end of her days...My story is similar to hundreds of other individuals in my community who have family members and friends admitted to nursing homes each year. Because of this, I feel that I have the ability to make a difference in the patients quality of life while in the Homes. The Music For Health program will have several factors within it that will effect patients, nurses, families, and students within local schools. The problems of which I plan to address are as follows in order of greatest importance to lowest importance to me: 1. Improve,ent of Quality of life in nursing homes 2. Lower some strain on nursing homes with fund raisers 3. Encourage students to join in efforts to contribute to the community. 4. Include childeren in the fundraising activities.

Plan of Action

I have began with several small steps: Speak, Encourage,and Evaluate. I have spoken to schools, town hall, Conductors, individuals, 4-H extension, and Nursing Homes to see how the programs chances varied. Each have had high expectations to come. Local students are currently my strongest assets as they are the musicians, volunteers, and inivators of the community. I have encouraged students as often as possible to be involved in community service, and am now inviting teens as well as adults to serve in this cause. I plan to set a date for the initiation of the programs organization, but the first action does not seem feasible until the summer of 2009. At the initiation party, Principals, Conductors, Soloists, local politicians, and so on will be invited to have their say in the organizations actions. When doing so we will plan one county-wide operation, as well as several nursing home visits.

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