Fantasy of Trees & children Hospital

Official Project

The Problem

We are helping a hospital that never turns any children away from service. We are helping Children's Hospital in November. We donate supplies and make gingerbread houses for them to sell and the profit goes to Children's Hospital. During the summer, we are Junior Volunteers, but we also help with various projects in the fall and winter months. We also volunteer our time in the Secrete Santa Area. Parents drop thier children off to shop for parents, siblings, friends, etc. We help them budget their money and wrap their gifts. All of the proceeds go to Children's Hospital. We have a blast helping the children shop for Christmas.

Plan of Action

We believe that working with Children's Hospital is an on-going project. As long as they need us, we will volunteer for this cause because we are making it possible for lots of parents and children to recieve the care they need.

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