Help for our Troops


The Problem

I am/have helped the troops. I want to let them know that people do think of them and wish them home safely to their families. I also want them to know that what they are doing for us is great and coragous and we're proud of them.

Plan of Action

I also wrote letters back and forth to some soldiers. I received a couple letters back too!! One soldier wrote and told me he'd be home for Christmas last year. And I got a phone call from him Christmas Eve. He said, "I told you I'd be home for Christmas and I wanted to thank you very much for thinking of me and keeping my spirits up when I was over in Iraq." It was the greatest feeling and I was so glad he made it home. It was very nice that he called and let me know he was home.

Project Updates

It was Halloween and Treasure Island Flea Market in Wintersville, Ohio had a support our troops treasure box. They asked that we donate items for our troops and then you trick or treated around there booths. So, myself, my mother, my little brother, my grandmother, and two of my friends all donated candy and personal items to the treasure chest for the troops. Then myself and my friends went trick or treating and donated all of our candy for the troops and also collected personal items as we said trick or treat. We said, "please help us help our troops, we are also collecting toilettries for them." People were very helpful, glad, and proud of us they said. They said this is different and what a great job for youns to do! That made me feel proud and happy inside. I like helping them. They sure deserve it. Maybe they would feel better thinking of their children trick or treating and have a happy thought instead of sad.

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