Global Student Embassy

The Problem

The Global Student Embassy seeks to build young leaders by connecting the world's youth to practice social responsibility and community service. Our youth ambassadors connect with their peers in Santa Fe, Argentina, and Zurite, Peru to develop a community service project that can be implemented during a 4-6 week stay in the host community.

Plan of Action

Our project connects the youth of the two communities to build a common understanding and respect of each other's culture. Students communicate via Skype, or online chat, to learn more about their peers' communities. Students take time to explore possible projects in their own community, discuss the feasibility of these projects with their ambassadorial counterparts, and plan for the completion of the projects during a visit to the host community. Students from Argentina and Peru will come to Sebastopol in January 2009, and Sebastopol students will travel to Peru and Argentina in July, 2009.

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