The EVE Project

The Problem

The North Lawndale community on Chicago's west side has many critical social issues, including: economic instability, poor housing, unemployment, inadequate health care, welfare dependency and poor academic achievement. Statistics from the 2007 census show that 48% of community residents live below the poverty line, with the median income being $15,500. The population of North Lawndale is 97% African-American. Sixty percent of the households with children are headed by single women. Even with some recent growth and revitalization in the North Lawndale community, we are facing serious challenges in the areas of academic underachievement and community safety. EVE is passionate about creating a safe space for the young women of North Lawndale, and providing them with the resources they need to achieve academically.

Plan of Action

EVE exists to challenge and inspire young women to great social and academic achievements by providing educational experiences, mentoring programs and community service opportunities. EVE began just one year ago and ha doubled in size since that time. EVE has also seen 2 of our young women graduate high school and receive full scholarships to college. EVE is does not function like most other organizations, we create life-long relationships with our youth and get involved in every aspect of their lives, thus creating a family structure for these young women who so badly need it.

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