Styl-N & PRofil-N Back-2-School 2008-09

The Problem

Our organization saw the chance to help not only students but parents. We did Public Service Announcements on radio, T.V. local news papers along with asking and recruiting Barbers/Stylist to assist with our project who were more than willing. We ask community stores and resturants to donate food and drinks for the volunteers. Not only do we assisit the community we reach out to adoption agencies, homeless shelters, displaced students, juvenile delinquents all students. {For Children Knows Not About Income Just Outcome}

Plan of Action

Our organization saw smart,bright student whose self-esteem was low but determine. We thought we would help out by suppling students K-12 a fresh start and a fresh look. The 1st year event service students from Lenexa KS to Blue Springs MO. From 8:00am to 11:30pm. The 2nd year our organization expanded to the Kansas area so that the students across stateline would have there own event due to the start of school. During our 1st event tragedy hit, and Katrina survivors were relocated to our area and we help service them for school and jobs during our first year we service over 1000 customers which benefited 1000's of people in the community. We are having our 4th annual event at 2 locations to once again help the need of the community. Since the begining of Styl-N & Profil-N we are a part of the 1st day of school and very proud of our accomplishments.

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