Flamingnet Book Reviews

The Problem

Flamingnet Book Reviews (www.flamingnet.com) was created in 2002 by my father and me. When I was in fifth grade, I became a voracious reader.

Plan of Action

As I received more books, I began to accept student reviewers from all over the United States to help with the reviews. Flamingnet is currently a growing young adult book website, and my father and I are kept very busy working with our Flamingnet online community. Additionally, I support young adult reading programs in needy libraries and other facilities with donations of books and monetary contributions generated from my web site.

Project Updates

4/3/08-Working closely with hospitals, clinics, individual doctors and community members, Robert and his group have been able to provide seven free or low-cost surgeries, health screening and treatment for nearly 150 people, vision screening for dozens or people and over twenty pairs of glasses. The centre also has begun literacy classes teaching women in the community to read and write in Marathi and Hindi, and in next month will be adding health education to their syllabus.

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