Ben Lee Foster's Inspirational Films


The Problem

Since the age of 9, I have been creating short films to help young people with better decision making in life and following their dreams. I am trying to help youth in urban communities nationwide, and would like to reach them to help with making better decisions in life. Many youth struggle with peer pressure, but about 60 out of 100 choose to make bad decisions by choosing drugs, guns, alcohol, stealing, etc. Presently, I am sharing my projects with youth at schools, youth centers, churches, conventions & other places. I speak to youth at these places to give advice about making better decisions in life and following your dreams. I write & direct projects that does not have cursing, the use of the "N" word, or degrading others. Recently, I had my first educational book publised. It is also used as a tool to reach youth and to help educate them. When I become successful, I plan to invest in another young person's life. My motto is "Make the right decisions".

Plan of Action

I took notice of some situations happening in my community and took a step to try and reach them. I created a script and had an adult to proof read it. Then I got family and friends to volunteer to be actors or crew on this project. Once it was edited, it was screened at my neighborhood library. The Mayor of my City was impressed at the great impact I made on other youth and presented me with a proclaimation and a metal. My neighborhood found out about what I was doing and placed my story in the paper.

Project Updates

My friend and I enjoy creating projects that have positive messages in them. If we can get people to see themselves and give them solutions, they could make much better decisions. I also enjoy going to schools and youth centers and shring the projects and talking with the kids.
The most amazing thing is getting kids to open up and share how they handled situations.

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