PLAN (Poverty Life And Need)

The Problem

The main problem we are trying to solve with our documentary is the lack awareness and our students have of poverty in the United States. Our school is Gonzaga Preparatory School in Spokane, Washington. It disturbed us when the students of the school described those in poverty as “lazy” or saying that the reason they are in difficult economic situations was because of some fault of their own. We believe that the students at our school, being in the upper/middle class of America and in a position to help those who are not as well-off, should know what is out there so that, when the time comes, they can help those who need it. In turn, we hope that this will assist in the fight against poverty overall.

Plan of Action

We began by taking surveys of the students at our school asking some quiz-like questions about poverty in the U.S. and asking what they think are the top three causes of homelessness. Our next step was to raise money for technology and traveling expenses. We make beaded jewelry and sell it at our local farmers market every Saturday, and tell those who purchase an item what we are using the money for. Next, we hope to contact many different organizations that help people ranging from children to those who are addicted to substances, and interview clients and volunteers at these organizations. We have already interviewed the executive director of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen in Trenton, New Jersey. We have also contacted the executive director of Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets in Seattle, Washington and will be traveling there in a couple weeks for interviews. Once we have interviews completed, we hope to make the documentary. The documentary will be posted on so that it is available to the public. Also, we are going to have a viewing for our entire school, asking for donations for the different organizations we feature in the interview. We also hope to show the documentary at different venues in the community to help educate and hopefully acquire more donations for the organizations we show in the film.

Project Updates

Things are still going well with the project. We have finished editing and producing the film and we are now getting it out into the public. We have showed the documentary so far at a youth rally where over 250 middle school students had a chance to view the film and discuss the content. Over 20 copies have been taken to different high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools and shown to students in eastern Washington and all over Idaho. We are still trying to get the film viewed on a more national level, which is proving a challenge, but we're not giving up!

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