HCa-Green Monsters

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

Green Monsters have developed a whole school recycle program. We placed a recycle bin in every classroom in our school. Every Friday, we collect the recycle materials and we place them in the recycle room. We recycle paper, card board, bottles and cans. Last year, we recycled more than 3000 pounds of paper and more than 500 can and bottles. This year our goal is to recycle 5000 pounds of paper and 1000 bottles. Go Green! Go Clean!

Plan of Action

In the past year, we collected around 3000 pounds of paper and card board. We also collected 923 plastic bottles and cans. We are also beginning to recycle old cell phones. We already collected 40.

Project Updates

Our project was posted on the Green Team website and the Boston Public School website. The Green Monsters recycled more than 3000 pounds of paper and 923 can and bottles. The recycle program is now part of the school curriculum.

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