Prom Dress Recycle for Leukemia

Official Project

The Problem

This project was in response to the immense tragedy of children suffering from Leukemia. It is my duty to do what I can for those less fortunate than myself. It also adressed the inordinate amount of waste centered around Prom. Young girls spend hundreds of dollars on dresses that are worn once and then hang in the back of a closet forever. However, there are also girls in my community that cannot even afford a dress for Prom. The project was meant to harness the waste from many girls to help needy girls afford a dress as well as to raise money to benefit children affected by the tragedy of Leukemia.

Plan of Action

I completed this project last spring and plan to do it again this coming prom season. The first steps were those of advertising. I called girls, or families of girls, that had graduated from my High School to get a start on donations. I then made up Flyers and posted them around town in Starbucks and Keva Juice, grocery stores, etc. I got donated radio and newspaper advertising as well and the project soon had over two hundred dresses to sell! The next step was selling the dresses, so of course advertising continued, but my dad agreed to let me use an un-leased space in his building and JCPenny donated tall clothing racks to hang the dresses. Girls came, tried on dresses, and made purchases. Thay saved hundreds of dollars on dresses! We raised over $1000 and donated it to the National Children's Leukemia Foundation.

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