Why Become a Member?

DoSomething.org is a member org for people 25 years and under.

By being a member of DoSomething.org, you get stuff you love...

  1. We'll help you make a real impact on causes you care about..
    • Be part of a social change movement with others like you.
    • Ideas. Yeah, we know it can be hard to think of something specific to actually do.
    • Stuff like posters, stickers, banners, etc.
    • Recognition for the good stuff you do (so that you can put it on your college app, impress a girl, or give it to your mom to hang on the fridge).
  2. Cash money. That's right. You can win money for school by doing good.  Check out our scholarships to see how you can qualify.
  3. SWAG you can actually use.
    • Stuff you love...like movie tickets, food, etc. (Send us your wish list!)
    • Celeb-signed goodies.
  4. Access to invite-only things.
    • Exclusive events (like the Do Something Awards, movie premieres, etc).
    • Maybe even the chance to meet a celebrity.

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